Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I have totally slacked in the photo department. Since we got a digital camera, almost 4 years ago, I have only printed out about 20 pictures. So yesterday I started the painstaking task of moving them all to my Shutterfly account and cropping and fixing the red eyes. I move some 325 pictures or so and still have a long, long way to go. I ran up and down the stairs way to many times. I'm making folder for each kid and put all their photos in it so some of the pics will be over there three or four times just in different folders. I still have the oldest 2 kids to do, they have the most pics so I'll have to do one kid a day. It's kind of funny how the number of pictures goes down each year. I only have a hand full of pictures of Biggie from four months to a year, oops. This is one of my favorite pictures of Biggie.


Tracy said...

Gotta love all those pic's huh! I have mine somewhat organized on my computer but I'd like to do the shutterfly thing. Do you like it? I was looking at that on Sunday and thinking of moving all my pictures to it. I have to print mine out at walmart or something our printer isn't very good in that department.

Sharon said...

I have to do that with my pics too. I haven't printed out any of Piper yet. Sorry I haven't popped over here more lately! That Webkinz thing has me so reeled in it is ridiculous! I check it every morning to find out what the schedule is. So bad! If you go to spoofee.com they have specials on there a lot for pics and you can get them for free quite often. I dont' know if they have any right now, but you can search for pics on the site and it will come up with whatever offers they do have. :)