Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Not much going on around here finally. Last week was pretty crazy to say the least. Monday was my birthday, a trip to the dentist, and the hubby had an over night job that night too. Wednesday was the fourth and the four kids and I went in the parade with grandpa in the big truck and to a get together in the evening. Thursday I baked for the work party. Friday was the work party and the final running around like an chicken with its head chopped off. Saturday I crashed after I picked the kids up from the in laws. Yesterday the hubby had an endoscopy procedure done. That went well, he was quite the funny man when he woke up, they give you some pretty potent drugs that's for sure. So now its time to try to get life back of some sort of routine. The baby, nicknamed Lu2 by her father, is over a month already. So no more excuses about the disaster of a house and undone projects, aka unstained deck. The school year will be here soon and I still don't have a plan of action for that either. Well I better scoot and start catching up. Have a wonderful day.

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Sharon said...

Let me know if you would like help staining the deck. Maybe we could get together on a Saturday and do it. The boys can watch the kids and we can paint and yack it up. Sounds like a fun Saturday to me! :)