Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Week!

Our week was pretty busy around here. Monday through Wednesday the kids were sick. Racky manage to puke in the car twice in one day, yummy. Thursday afternoon I went down to the freezer to get meat for dinner and found the freeze open and stuff thawing. Lovely! So after chucking about fifty bucks in food out, I got to spend today cooking meat that had started to thaw. Well at least my chicken stash is replenished and I have a huge batch of soup for the hubby's lunches. The hubby has also been gone working the past two nights. Yuck. It's Friday night, he shouldn't be working, well at least that means no golf tomorrow morning:0) Well Lu2 and I are going to park ourselves in the chair and read our book again then hit the hay. Have a good weekend.

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Sharon said...

I am so sorry that you were all sick over there too. I can't even begin to imagine how busy you were with a bunch of sick little ones! I'm glad you're all feeling better though. And then your freezer on top of being sick. Not fun!Hopefully you will have a nice and relaxing weekend. See you all tomorrow. :)