Monday, July 2, 2007


My wonderful wife finally hit the big 30
I’m guess I’m a little bit of a copycat so I will attempt to share (you guessed it) 30 things about her that make her the best wife a man could want. These are not necessarily in order.

1. She loves the LORD - Definitely #1
2. She puts up with me
3. She is a wonderful Mommy
4. She always makes sure I’m fed
5. She mixes and concocts for the kids and me all day long
6. She doesn’t give me too much grief about golfing
7. She only has eyes for me
8. She is happy reading a book if I’m watching football
9. She does not spend all day gossiping or watching soaps – She keeps house and home
10. She hooks me up
11. She doesn’t grip about making special food for the kids and me even though she can eat anything she wants
12. She is smart – I like that in a woman
13. She is ok with me being chauvinist
14. She likes to spend time with the kids even after a long day with them
15. She is sooooooooo sexy
16. She can be quite funny herself, and even thinks I am occasionally

17. Not that she ever does anything wrong, but she apologizes if she does
18. She is home schooling our children and that takes a lot of patience
19. She even likes the in-laws, most of the time
20. She is very respectful
21. She is Honest
22. She respects my authority
23. She loves me – chicken legs and all
24. She doesn’t spend our money frivously
25. She is not into women’s lib
26. She reads books on how to be a good mother & wife
27. Did I mention she is sooooooooo sexy – Yes she has brown hair and blue eyes
28. She never has a headache
29. She has our babies at home with no drugs
30. She doesn’t get mad at me if I don’t buy her presents - Sorry babe

Your loving husband Isaac


Sharon said...

That is so sweet! Did you know that he was going to do that or did he surprise you? One of my favorites is the one about the chicken legs. Gotta love those chicken legs. :) Hope you had a happy birthday!

Tracy said...

That is so sweet. Isaac made me laugh it's just so him what a cutie. I got the impression he thinks your sexy..heehee. What a sweet birthday gift and way better than any present you can buy. Hope you had a great birthday ya lots.