Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Children's Museum

This year the family pass is to the children's museum. The kids think its great. We went today and there was maybe 30 people there, it was wonderful.
And isn't she cute? Next week she'll be six months old already.


Sarah said...

To bad the children's museum's parking is such a pain in the butt! My kids love it there too.

Yes, Child #4 (forgot her internet name) is adorable. Love the big eyes.

Have a good day.

Tracy said...

Cute pic's of the kids! I'll have to go with you sometime I'm with Sarah on the parking I depise parking there I always end up with a ticket for some reason:)

Sharon said...

I love that place! I went there for my little sister's birthday party with Ambry and I think when my membership is up at the gardens I will get one to the children's museum instead. I didn't think parking there is too bad. I park across the street. I don't remember the name of the street but there is a coffee place on the corner and you have to cross that major street, but there are always parking spots there.

concerned blogger said...

Are you still alive?