Friday, December 14, 2007

Raspberry Sherbert Anyone?

I painted the girls room and it definitely is "pinky". I have one more wall that needs a second coat but I ran out of paint so I'll have to finish tomorrow after swimming lessons and then I'll be DONE. And is it just me or does everybody else's house totally fall part when working on projects like this? Between school, nursing and the everything else it looks like I haven't cleaned in a week or more!

All the kids are on the verge of getting sick, pink eye is making the rounds. And the girls forgot how to sleep through the night. And just think someday I'll miss these days.

Well hopefully this weekend I can get some pictures of the girls room posted and you can give me ideas on how to tone down the PINK!


Sharon said...

Oh poor kiddos! Hopefully they get over everything fairly quickly.

Isn't that horrible how fast the house falls apart. It seems if it goes more than a day without at least being picked up, everything goes to pooh.

Can't wait to see a pic of the girls room!

Tracy said...

Ahem, where are the pic's of the girls room..heehee:) okay I know your poor little ones have been sick. Hope there feeling better today. Toning down pink hmmm not sure on that one maybe accenting it with a soft blue course it'd have to be the right shade..just a thought.