Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The girls room revisited

Okay I'm still not crazy about the color selection but it's staying. I used the wall that still needs the second coat and tried a bunch of different painting techniques, color washing, sponging, and stripes. But they just didn't do it for me, everything was so busy. So Monday I headed to Lowe's and found some wallies but the ones I thought would match the best were forty bucks, for that price I might as well repaint and they didn't match Lula's bedding as well as I would like. So the good ole internet to the rescue. I found these and think they will go great if the color is true to the pic and will go well with her bedding. I can get them slightly cheaper on eBay and free shipping. So I figure with these and some white valances we'll be good to go. I either paint the furniture white or I might try to sweet talk the hubby into letting me hunt down a new dresser:-)

I hit three second hand stores this morning in search of some fabric to make the valances. I found one pillow sham that I LOVED but I couldn't find another one, it was white with white butterflies embroidered on it. I did find two matching bathrobes that were the waffle type of fabric but they were 4 bucks a piece so for now I will have to keep my eyes open. We did find her a sweet light bedside lamp, its silver with a crisp white shade. We might add a little girlie fringe to top it off.

Well we've been gone for hours so I better do something around here.


Tracy said...

I love the pink flowers you picked out I think they will looks so cute in their room. I bet Lula loves having a pink room finally:) Good luck finding some fabric. I'll keep my eyes open while I'm out at thrift stores.

Sharon said...

Those pink flowers will be adorable. I bet once you get your decorations and stuff all in there the color will grow on you. If you have the time I would love it if you would show me how to make some valances. I could use some for a couple of rooms in the house.