Monday, December 17, 2007

The Girls Room

Calm and Serene

It's pretty "Pink" isn't it? I have no idea how I'm going to tone it down so for now it pink. I think it is worse in person too. It does change too depend on the time of day. Sometimes I think it might grow on me the next moment I'm shading my eyes from the Pepto Bismol pink wave you get when you walk in there. Oh well Lula finally has her pink bedroom after having the "boy" color for so long. Any suggestions? Maybe do a wash over it in a pale cream with a yellow hint to pull the furniture in? I don't know so for know I keep the door shut.


Sarah said...

I'm glad Lula got her pink room. Sometimes you just need a little pink in your life!

As for toning down the pink, pictures for the walls, window treatments or some throw pillows for the bed would probably help.

To help tone down our purple kitchen, we added wains coating up half the wall and painted that white. That really helped.

Tracy said...

Wow, that's quite ahh pink.:) Guess the blue accents won't work I was thinking it was more of a pale pink. I really don't know how to tone it down it reminds of when I painted my kitchen "purple" right after Ben got done with it. The purple turned out periwinkle and it was blinding and uggggly. I to thought the same thing maybe it'll grow on me..nope it didn't. I repainted it three times and I still don't like the color. Until I know what I want to do it's staying the color it is. I don't think Lulu's room is that bad once you get some decorations up it'll probably look really different. At least you can shut the door I couldn't do that on my kitchen:)

Sharon said...

That is definitely a WOW pink color. You could try the things Sarah said or just repaint it? I know, scary thought probably right now after all that work. You could maybe just leave one wall that color and paint the other three? I don't know. Pink is a hard color. It is usually either too bright or too light. But if Lula likes it, maybe that makes it worth sticking with. :)