Thursday, September 13, 2007

They're so warped!

Lula always wants to try new foods, cupcakes, cookies, pizza or whatever, but when I make them she never likes them. Her taste buds are just not used to food outside of our little box, she tries so hard even trying it again a few hours later in hopes that it will taste better the second time around. But you know they are really warped when all the kids beg for chewable vitamin C pills like they're candy. Hubby even suggested we take them to church instead of candy. Poor things;)


Sarah said...

Oh good, my kids aren't the only ones that do that. They beg for vitamins, especially the ones that look like gummy worms, but I won't buy them since they are ridiculously expensive.

Vitamin C instead of peppermints in church? Boy, those Dutch folk will be staring at you!!!

Sharon said...

Oh, if only Ambry would eat those things! She is way too much of a sugar fiend. Little stinker!

Tracy said...

My kids all beg for their daily mulit vitamin. It's the first thing Roman asks for right after breakfast so he can pass them out to his bro's. My kids also will eat the powdered ultra C in applesauce and thinks it tastes good..yuck. I've tried it it's nasty! I bet your kids will never like junk food that's good my kids like it to much so does their momma:)