Monday, September 10, 2007

The weekend

My weekend was pretty busy and flew by quickly. Friday I cooked and prepared food for the kids and hubby because Lu2 and I ventured northward to a winery and out for dinner for a friends 30th birthday on Saturday. It was lots of fun and definitely some place I will go again. I don't think I'd bring a infant with again at least not with out the hubby, I know the girl only about 13 lbs but she gets heavy when she wont really go to anyone else. I don't know if it was 6 hours in a car with another five hours of holding her but my back was killing me on the ride home. Lu2 did great she slept 3 hours there and 3 hours home so I can't complain. Sunday we had church and then I started the grocery store rounds with Lula, I hit 5 stores to get our food because no one carries everything we need because of the allergy thing. We hit 3 of the five and came home. I crashed on the couch for two hours and made dinner and watched a movie. It doesn't sound like much but it seemed pretty stinkin' busy. Well my house tells all- I need to stay home and clean;) Hope you all had a good weekend and happy Monday. (yeah that's a picture of the winery, isn't it gorgeous?)


Tracy said...

Hey you got a great pic of that winery is that from the internet? If so tell me where I can download it. I'm glad Lu2 did so good for you she's such a good cute little peanut!

Sharon said...

It sounds like you had fun too. I didn't know that you went up there by yourself (well, sort of by yourself). S. had told me she wasn't babysitting anymore for you over there so I assumed neither one of you were going to go. Glad you could get away for a little while. :)