Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting Again!

Lu2 had an ultrasound done this morning on a dimple on the end of her spine. She did great and didn't fuss or anything. She squirmed a bit but that's to be expected on a 3 month old baby. The tech said everything looked alright when I asked her but she said we'd have to wait on the Dr. to read the test. ACK -I hate waiting especially on something like this. She thought Friday we would hear the results, Friday seems very far away right now. None of the referring Dr's. were too concerned they just wanted to make sure all was okay but as the momma I worry. Well here's to yet another lesson in patience:0)


Sarah said...

What are they looking for? I'm sorry you have to wait again!

Esther said...

I think they just want to make sure everything is completely formed and developed.

Tracy said...

We'll be praying everything with Lu2 comes out fine.