Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Birth of Biggie

If I recall correctly his pregnancy was my worst. I felt nausea's about 90% of the time. I would have a few hours in the afternoon when it was okay but otherwise I felt kinda crummy. Not vomiting sick just queasy. Lula's pregnancy was the same way but Racky still napped then and I wasn't on a strict no dairy, soy or nut diet which made getting enough protein easier which helped the energy level. Racky also jumped on my lower back when I was just four months along which made my hip go out and I caused me grief the rest of the pregnancy. He was a surprise blessing to say the least. I didn't believe the test and just threw it away. I ended up taking 6 test that day and all showed a faint second pink line. The hubby didn't believe me still after that. I ended up giving up nursing Lula because I just couldn't keep up with her and the diet restrictions of her allergies. And come to find out I would be due only 10 days after my sister-in-law. After I gave up nursing I gain ten pounds the first month I was rather slim at the time. The doctor then recommended I go back on the same diet I was on while nursing to possibly prevent the allergies from happening to this baby. It did work to some extent, he is not as reactive and he didn't have the colicky issues the other two had.
Well when the midwife saw how slim I was she told me to be ready to go early, underweight people have this tendency she said. She guessed I would go three weeks early. What does she know? The sister-in-law had her baby on her due date, how irritated was I? My due date came and went. My cousins wedding that I thought I would for sure miss came and went. My aunt who works in an OB office said I looked ready about two and half weeks before he was born. The midwife stopped scheduling my next appointment but would say "see you this week." Two Tuesdays in a row I called to schedule an appointment. My mother who drives school bus went back to work. It was the end off August. My mother is in panic mode, reminding me how big babies can get, I was 10 lbs, 12 oz. and one of my brother was 12 lbs, 1oz. At my final appoint the midwife agrees to check me, I'm dilated to 4 and easily stretch to 5. No wonder why I can't sit properly. She does sometime that started labor. I ordered Chinese on the way home, while going in to get it I knew tonight was the night, I gripped both kids hands as I wait for the food and have a real live contraction. At home I make the kids some food and waited for the hubby to come inside, he's in his truck talking with his bro. I don't want to say I'm in labor. I go inside and call his phone and again ask him when he's coming in because I am in labor and need some help with the children. Racky was 3.5 years old and Lula was 20 months old. We had a message from the in laws that they were going to stop over with a part for my mom's air purifier. When they got here we asked if they could take the kids home with them. The hubby and father in law are trying to fix the air purifier while I scramble to get the kids ready and explain the food/ protein shake protocol to my mother in law. I can't talk or stand during contractions. I had to keep leaning over the counter and quietly moan during them. The mother in law can see that they need to leave so I can have the baby, the guys keep working. Finally they leave.
Labor slows down drastically, the hubby fills the pool half way with hot water and at about 9:30/10 goes to bed. Labor has completely stopped now. I'm devastated. I say I'm saying up to walk this baby out. Around 11:15 I decide to go to bed. After I get in bed transition hits. It's one contraction after another, I can't speak but the hubby wakes up to me moaning quite loudly now and says he's calling the midwife, it's around 11:30. He finishes filling the pool and I get in. Around midnight she arrives. She told me later that she knew she didn't miss the birth when she stepped out of the car, I'm that loud. She checks me and says I can push, I never have the urge to push I need to be told. I ask her to break my water so there is 'less" to push out. She does. After a little less than 25 mins of pushing he is out. I didn't even want to hold him the first few seconds. She had to force me to hold him. When I did hold him I was so tired that I could hardly keep him up and out of the water. I was the one to get to announce that he was a boy. I had myself convinced he was a girl the last month. Hubby took him while I got cleaned up and settled into bed. He then disappeared for an hour, he had the pool in the garbage by 2 am. He also emailed pics to a bunch of people before 3 am. He was 9 lbs. 10 oz. and 23 1/2 inches long born 16 long days late. God is good.


Sharon said...

Hopefully this next one will be quick for you...and maybe a little smaller!

Tracy said...

This one is going to come early..:) You know I felt so bad calling you when I had Roman but I'm glad all worked out and they both came safe and sound. Your birth stories are great I've enjoyed reading them I can't wait for you to post your next one!