Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pics Finally!

I am the worst at getting the pictures off the camera, lets no even talk about printing them. (I haven't ever printed our digital pics, how terrible is that. We've have a digital camera for over four years.) Oh well here is a few highlights of our last month.

Here is the kids enjoying some juice. When I can peaches or pears I put apple juice over them so they can be sugar cane free. I love to make them share it its so darn cute. Yes Racky is in there somewhere.

My sweet little Lula at the zoo that month.

My little helpers, helping mom make applesauce.

Biggie and Lula "helping".
Our trip to the "big" zoo yesterday. It was great, the kids were wonderful unlike today;) I'm glad I didn't go any later in this pregnancy because I was a pile of mush by the time we got home. I crashed on the couch and let them watch cartoons when we got home, I was done for.

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Sharon said...

Those pics are so cute! Looks like you had a good time at the zoo...although they look like they had just about as much fun making applesauce!