Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's Over!

The long crazy weekend is finally over. The Brad's open house went well. My mother had four times too much pop and twice as much food as she needed but other than that it went off with out a hitch. We made it to my cousins wedding on Saturday and the hubby got to meet Steve McNair and see his family. It helped him get over how irritated he was that the wedding and reception were 2 and 1/2 hours a part, how rude. It's funny how now that I'm married I think weddings are so overrated. Sunday we did nothing which was nice and Monday we made an appearance at the family thing. Lula broke out in hives Sunday night and itched all over until about 5 in the morning, it made for a very long night. The hubby was sweet and took over at 1:30 because I was so tired. Now I just have to sit and wait until this weekend so I can have the baby. The hubby said he's too busy to miss work so it has to be on the weekend. We'll just have to see if the baby thinks this is a good plan. I have a midwife appointment today so we'll see what she has to say. I was so hoping I wouldn't make it to today so I didn't have to weigh in. People are nicely informing me that they can tell I'm ready by the looks of my face. Yes I know its swelling, I don't need to be told. Well I better get caught back up on the laundry.

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Sharon said...

Guess your mom will have plenty to drink for a while now, right? You better let me know when you want that deck done! Tuesdays work the best for me. :) I can not believe you guys got to meet Steve McNair! Too bad Isaac's pic with him didn't turn out better. That would have been so neat!