Thursday, May 24, 2007

They've Started!

The "did you have the baby yet?" phone calls. I know people get curious and I too ask about others when they are getting close but I try not to call just to ask. This time it was a Grandma, come on like she wouldn't find out, have we ever forgot to tell them? Last night I had a complete stranger tell me that I would be having a baby really soon. Ya think? I am as big as a house and can hardly walk properly.
In other news Lula has finally stopped asking "can I ask you something?" before everything she says, she now says "do you know something?" and rambles on. She says "actually" all the time and out of context. She got princess sandals this morning and will not remove them, she is all girl let me tell ya. She also is petrified of bugs, bees to mosquitoes she can't help but run and scream at the sight of one.
Biggie is a crab lately, worse if he has no nap. His new thing is whenever I tell him do do something he informs me that he did that "yesterday". Like "wash hands yesterday", "change buns yesterday" to "ate lunch yesterday". It's quite cute.
Racky is asked constantly why he's not in school, why couldn't he be short? We had it this morning in the shoe store. The lady proceed to ask if you teach preschool at home? I nicely joke about kids not learning anything in preschool and that its not necessary and a waste. She then tells me she works at a preschool- oops. Open mouth insert foot.
Well I better do something today, have a good one.


Tracy said...

I have to laugh at what Lula says. Kaleb always says to me "mom, can I ask you something" or "mom, can I tell you something". Maybe it's a Jonker thing..heehee he's my only kid that does it however it can get annoying. I used to get people all the time who would ask my kids what school they went to. Lucas would say he's homeschooled then I'd get the look like "well, why aren't you doing school then". People don't realize that school doesn't take eight hours nor should your kids not be allowed out of the house ALL day...ah well it is what it is and now that the boys are older most people don't even ask. Strange I know but it's been awhile since someone has asked.

Sharon said...

That is too funny about the shoe store lady! I agree with you--I don't think there is too much to learn in preschool. Oh well. Gotta love the questions too. Ambry is always asking "What is that for?" about every little thing. At least they are cute, right?