Friday, May 11, 2007

Just sittin' back and waiting!

I think everything I wanted to get done before the baby and open house are done. With the exception of staining the deck, but I stained this deck once before and it takes FOREVER, so it just gonna have to wait. I was contemplating painting a few rooms but I lost the urge. I the week before will be a last minute scramble to reclean everything like the garage and barn but the big stuff is done.
I ended up mowing the lawn yesterday, my little bro is just not anal enough for my liking, maybe its just the hormones but the lawn was driving me nuts. What he can do in an hour takes me two. Well he is shipping off to the Navy in June so I'll have to find myself a new and more particular lawn boy.
The hubby is taking me out tonight before I "pop" as he says. We have a gift certificate that's 6 months old we better use up or it will never get used. And after tonight I plan on taking it easy. The last weekend in May and first week in June are going to be crazy. Brad's open house, two family gatherings and two weddings. And I might squeeze in the birth of a new little one in there. Well here's to sitting with my swelling feet up sippin' lemonade for the next few weeks. I still am not miserable enough for it to be time for this baby yet. Have a great weekend.


Tracy said...

I feel your pain your at the point you just want the baby out and here. I had a dream two nights ago that I was preggo and I kept telling my dr. it just could not be and was impossible. Me in my selfish state was crying becuase I wouldn't be able to run the old kent. How dumb huh! I can't say the race means THAT much to me that I'd actually be crying. When I told Ben about it I told him I must have a secret fear of being preggo again or something..who knows..but I woke up thinking I really was and was sort of relieved when I realized it was just a dream..I am a weirdo I know..:)

Sharon said...

Hopefully it won't be too much longer for you. Maybe you will actually go early this time. Wouldn't that be nice, huh? How unbelievable would that be after being late with all the others?