Friday, June 1, 2007

Cheap Summer Movies!

Here's a heads up on Cinemarks Summer Movie Clubhouse! I went to one last year and it was packed but it was also cheap so go early. I don't know how many we'll make it to this year with the new baby but it's nice on those rain days or "we're bored" days. Christian Spotlight on Entertainment is a nice way to check a movie out before you spend your money. Enjoy!

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Sharon said...

Thanks for the reminder! I checked out the list and then the reviews. Almost every single one of them had some kind of negative review on it! It is such a bummer that there just can't be movies that have completely wholesome points and story lines. There are definitely a couple though that we are going to go see though--they didn't have very many negative reviews and got good ratings from that website. Hopefully Ambry can make it through the whole movie!