Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kids do the darnest things!

The other day I went into the kids bedroom to wake up Biggie from his nap. I found one of his legs covered with an assortment of furniture pads, the things you put on bottom of chairs when you have hard wood floors so they don't scratch the floor. I believe there were 16 in all and let me tell you those things REALLY stick. He had just been reprimanded for tearing books before he went to sleep so I guess he need something new to get into. We tried to so soak them off, that was unsuccessful. We had to resort to bribery, we'll give you a balloon if daddy gets to pull one off and plain sneakiness. Every time he went by the hubby another one was pulled off. The poor kid I don't think he'll be doing that anytime soon. We had to get them off because they hurt him when he moved his leg otherwise he could of looked crazy for a few days.


Tracy said...

Kids do the funniest things don't they sounds like something Roman would do..poor kid I bet they really hurt. What is it with ripping books anyway that is so fun to a two year old? We've conquered that battle I think of course now that I've said that he'll do it to another one. It's been awhile since he did it but he was wreaking a good book a day for awhile until he had no more left...yeesh!

Sharon said...

That is too funny! Like you said, hopefully he will remember that lesson for a while. It always amazes me, the little things like that that they will come up with to amuse themselves. At least all of them didn't do it, right?