Thursday, April 26, 2007


It's started, nesting that is. I keep ripping up my house so I can "deep" clean. First it was the office. Then it was the kids drawers, purged and reorganized to make room for the new babe. Today was wall washing and filling dings so I can touch up some spots. This made me notice the woodwork needs some lovin' so I have to polish that all up. I also have been baking more too, shortcake, bagels and sweet potato bread. Yesterday afternoon I could hardly move off the couch I was so tired. Today the energy is back so I better take it while it's here. Well at least the rainy weather isn't pulling me to my huge to do list that needs doing outside. Oh yeah my birth kit came via UPS which means the clock is a tickin' to get everything done. Well I have to go dig up some paint to get the walls touched up. Have a good day.


Tracy said...

Your nesting that means little one is on it's way soon..YAY!! I've also been a cleaning machine this week I completly scrubbed down the bathroom yesterday and the boys did the hallway. Now all that's left is the whole rest of the room at a time next week I'll tackle another one or two I think I'll do the boys rooms next. Sure feels good to wash walls and get everything so clean doesn't it? If you need help with the outdoor stuff let me know...I'll be glad to come help..:)

Sharon said...

I can not believe how much you are doing! Makes me feel lazy!!! Like Tracy said, PLEASE let me know if I can do anything.