Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Sweet Little Things

It's was seven o'clock on a snow covered April morning. I sleepily stumble to the kitchen to make the hubby some lunch for work. I flick on the over the sink light with Biggie a few steps behind me. That's when it happened, he found his shadow. He tried to get away from it and he tried to catch it. He'd slowly walked across the floor while looking over his shoulder to see if this new thing was still there. He carried on for a few minutes, daddy showed some new shadows and then how to make his move.
Life is good. The innocence of childhood is there anything quite like it?

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Sharon said...

That is so cute. Are you taking the kids sledding today what with all the snow? How crazy is this weather?!? By the way, I loved your baby story. Now you're going to have to tell the other two. :)