Thursday, April 12, 2007


The ticker above says only 50 more days!! Hip hip hurray!!! I know I should prepare for it to be at least 65 more days but the human pregnant brain just doesn't work that way, at least not mine anyway. The hubby keeps telling me I'm going early, really how can he tell, but I'm eating it up all the same. I think May 26th sound like a good day! My brother's open house will be over and my cousins wedding is that afternoon but after that I'm free. That way I could skip the family thing on the 28th and still have enough time to recoup for the hubby old buddies wedding the ninth. Perfect plan I'd say, know if I can just figure out how to pull that off naturally and at home. I remember with me last one everyday I'd think I couldn't get more uncomfortable until I woke up the next morning that is. I not uncomfortable enough to want it to come out quite yet. (Remember I don't like that part.) Well hopefully the month and half flies by.

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Tracy said...

Only 50 days to go..woohoo!! I think your pregnancy has gone by fast but of course I'm not the one preggo. Here's to hoping the baby comes a week early and the remaining days go quickly for you!