Thursday, April 5, 2007

My first Labor and Delivery!

I thought I write up on all my labor and deliveries in anticipation for our next blessing.
First, hello my name is Esther and I am a wimp, a complete and total wimp.
The day before my sweet hubby was to leave for a business trip in Las Vegas was the day it all started. I had been busy washing, ironing and packing him for his trip. His suitcase was downstairs and ready to go. I decide to nap because I would have five days and 4 night without him so I would prepare for the baby and scour the house while he was gone. Well when I woke up from my nap I was quite "damp", damp enough to warranted a clean pair of shorts. If you get my drift. First baby, you know, I just thought maybe the baby kicked my bladder while I slept so I didn't think much off it. The hubby and I go out to dinner and afterward hope to go pick out a car seat which we still didn't have. At the restaurant we had cheese bread and waited for our pizza. They messed it up and gave us green peppers instead of green olives so we had to wait for a new pizza. While waiting I felt a little "something", and it was let's say moist. I bolt to the bathroom and water began to trickle down my leg. First baby again, I whad up some toilet paper to help with the moisture and walk quite quickly back to the table, water still running down the legs, the toilet paper is not helping. I Inform hubby that I need to keys and that my water has broken, " Are you sure you didn't pee your pants," he asked. I grab the keys and head to the car. I remember sitting in the car and it finally hitting me that we about to become parents. He pays the bill and we leave with no pizza and head home carseatless. In the car I inquire if he is going to call his boss about the business trip. He on the other hand is trying to convince me that I just pee'd my pants. I call the midwife on the way home and leave her a message that I think my water has broken. At home I stepped out of the car and what seemed like a half gallon of water comes pours out, enough to make my shoes squish when I walk. Hubby finally believes me that its my water and it's not a weak bladder. I talk with the midwife and she tells me to take my temp, keep the area clean, drink plenty of water and get some rest because as of now no contractions, nothing. Rest? no, I start cleaning the house like a mad crazy lady. Vacuuming, laundry, to wash some baby blankets and clothes, and general people will be coming over dash and stash. I finally try to get some sleep around eleven, yeah right, I'm excited, petrified and nervous and a million other emotions. I can't remember all the details but the hubby called to midwife about 1 or 1:30 and she came over because the hubby sounded calm and not like a first time frantic father-to-be. She checked me around 3:00 and I was 3 centimeters dilated, I thought I might die from the pain. I wanted drugs and if I could of drove myself to the hospital I would of, I just couldn't move. I moved from bed, shower and toilet all night long. I kept thinking the midwife was just going to let me die. About 5 something I'm postal. She informs me that most likely I won't have the baby until around noon. I freak and tell her somethings different, I don't know what but sometime is different. She asks me if I feel the urge to push, I tell her no. She decides to check me anyway, I'm dilated to 10 and plus 2. I get to push and get this over with. It's 5:30ish. I push a few time and realize I hate pushing. I ask if the baby will come without pushing, she tells me yes so I stopped pushing. She leave for a few minutes and I still refuse to push. Finally I agree to push again and get this over. I hate pushing and ring of fire is much too mild of an expression, it does not describe the pain. While the poor kid is crowning I'm pushing on his head to try to put counter pressure on the pain. (Kind of like when you hurt your finger, you squeeze it, it helps.) The midwife asked me what I am doing. Not one of my shining moments. The hubby who hated to watch videos in the baby classes has now become totally memorized and sits at the end of the bed and watches every little thing. I use him and the midwife as stirrups and push on them to brace myself for the terrible, agonizing pushing. My beautiful baby boy is placed on my chest at 6:15, its over, and I never want to do that again. This overwhelming wave of love flooded me when I saw him. He was perfect and a very beautiful baby. The midwife measures and weighs him. She tells me he is 8 pounds even, I say "that's it?" How do people have big babies. I was fine no tearing or anything. I have a boy, I always wanted to have boys. God blessed us!

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