Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Baking and Bedrest

No I'm not on bed rest but my sister in law is. She has a over 20 weeks left before they hope to deliver the baby and she has a 10 1/2 month old chunk who doesn't even crawl yet, so it could be a very long summer of running around like a crazy person. Oh well you do what you gotta do. She has stopped hemorrhaging so now they want her to take it easy for 2 weeks and then they will reevaluate the situation. So this morning I've been baking and preparing food for her freezer. So far I've made:
one 9x13 of brownies, they are cut and bagged for my bro's lunches
one 9x13 of fruit oatmeal bars
36 blueberry muffins, over half are buttered and bagged
12 sandwiched which again are bagged for lunches
I have some baked chicken cooling right now which I hope to get 5 or 6 meals out of.
I'm sure they'll be sick of chicken but beggars can't be choosers, right? Well I'm off to shredded chicken and assemble some dinners. Have a good day and if you live in lovely Michigan stay warm.


Tracy said...

Gotta love this weather huh! Don't bake and cook to much might make your baby come early if he/she keeps smelling all the good food your cooking hopefully your eating some:) I'll see if I can't get a few meals together for them also and drop them off. Who's watching the chubbster while she's on bedrest?

Sharon said...

Poor girl! After reading your post yestreday, I baked up some bread for them. Now I just have to get a couple meals together. How is she going to stay on bedrest with her little one rollin' around?

Esther said...

My mom has the week off for spring break so she is there. Next week it will be me and her mom. Hopefully after that she can kind of resume "normal" life. It's just killing her not to pick up her poor baby.