Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boys will be Boys

You can't leave them alone for two seconds. Last night Lula and I went to get our hair trimmed, her first professional hair cut. Well when we got home the menfolk were gone. All the lights are on and there's no note. I call the hubby cell as they are just pulling into the driveway. He has the "grin" when he walks in. He had taken them to the store to buy them a BB gun. Racky, the oldest just turned 6 and I don't even think he can pump it yet. He also got them a rubber band gun that shoots 6 rubber bands in about 3 seconds. As he said "we don't want them to be a bunch of wussies." He also said that he was playing with BB guns at Racky's age. At least for me the rubber band gun was the bigger hit even though the all took turns shooting the BB gun. Well I better prepare myself for loading the rubber band gun a million times today and getting shot a time or two. Boys. (For those worrying, the BB gun is properly stored and they can only use it when daddy is with them.)

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Sharon said...

We had a BB gun growing up. And yes, be prepared to get shot...although I doubt it will be you that gets shot. My brothers used to "take turns" shooting each other. But ours wasn't all that professional. All they got were little tiny welts. Don't ask how they found that out. Also, watch out for your windows...again, don't ask how..how could you NOT know that a bullet could go through a window?!? Like you said, boys will be boys! :)