Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cheap Entertainment!

A week or two ago after breaking it to the kids that the little pile of scrap wood they scrounged up wasn't going to build their dream tree house I got to thinking. How could they have a fort with out buying one? Cardboard was the answer! I searched Craigslist and found free cardboard sheets. I used the hubby's truck to pick them up and dropped them in the pole barn. The next day without me telling them what it was for the had built a "fort" and right now I have an "airplane" in the backyard. Yes its messy looking and but as soon as I can't take it anymore and they are sick of "building" we'll either burn it or recycle it. Hours and hours of fun or the about the cost of a gallon of gas- perfect!


Tracy said...

Kids love card board don't they? When our subs came in Lucas sold we got two huge boxes along with them. I threw them out in the garage and the kids made boats, etc out of them. It entertained them for hours until it fell apart.

Sarah said...

Why do we buy them toys?

Hopefully, you got a little break while they entertained themselves.

Sharon said...

What a good idea. I guess I will start taking a second look at those cardboard boxes from Costco from now on. :)