Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We're going out!

The hubby and I are going on a date! Not a wedding or some other non optional thing but a date. In the past year we have gone out to eat together once, yes that's right ONCE. And the poor hubby had a salad and nothing else, he knew to eat first. This is excluding the rare Wendy's or Sara's pizza which happens bimonthly, maybe. The time before that was a year ago and we went to the home show. We're going out this Friday to The Bonefish Grill and the home show again. I think going out is overrated, I'm a homebody can you tell, but on occasion it's kind of nice. We used to go out all the time. I think of all the money and time we blew on nothing, it's crazy. Now for fun we pop popcorn and watch movie or just sit and talk. This year has been a big year for him so lots of talking after the kiddo's are in bed. After the baby is born we'll be back to our two nights a week in the hot tub talking for an hour or two. Last summer we sat on the porch and did sudoko puzzles like mad crazy people. Last night we piled into our over sized chair and read books, not talking but together.
One of my favorite things to do is to watch him with the kids. In the summer it's after dinner water balloons and rocket balloons. Winter is juice snow cones in the hot tub and playing in the snow. Just earlier he made then paper airplanes and flew them all over the house. He lets them watch non kid movies and answer a billion "why is he doing that" questions during superman or Zorro. He even took the oldest to the after work hang out and got him an apple juice while I was at my last midwife appointment. He takes turns taking them to run errands, like getting a movie or running to the hardware store.
That in my book is what life is about, not what we have planned for Friday night. We were talking what we were going to do when they all move out, besides sleeping in we decide we will be watching the grand babies. We are richly blessed indeed.

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a very fun date night. My mom said she loves that restaurant. Very tasty. Hope you guys have a fun date! Gotta love it when they play with the kids huh? They just love their daddies!