Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Results

We saw the Doc this morning and got the rest of the news. Lula is much more reactive than her big brother, lovey huh? I know I didn't know it was possible either. So reactive that the whole family is going be tested too just to make sure there isn't more problems. She has 41 VL reactions compared to her brothers 6 VL reactions. 6 +1 reactions, Racky has 4. They each have 1 +2 reaction and both have 2 +3 reactions. Her outside IgE level is almost as high as Racky's too. The test also showed signs of hypoglycemia. So we have to experiment with different proteins to boost her protein intake to help balance her blood sugars, in attempt to prevent diabetes. I think that all the news, at least I hope. The baby and myself are going to get tested next week to see if anything shows up on us.

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Sharon said...

Oh wow! I am so sorry Esther!!! With Lula's test results coming back similar to Rachy's, can they eat about the same stuff as each other or were her things way different than his? Does this also mean a huge change of stuff for you?