Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lula turned 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me sweet baby girl is four already, my where does the time go. We tend to go a bit overboard on birthdays around here. The day started off with a round of Happy Birthday to You as soon as she made it to the hallway. On the table were party hats and party blowers and a few gifts that she was allowed to open first thing. She got a dress up set with gloves, headband and necklace, etc. and some magnetic dress up dolls. Then we ventured off to Crazy Bounce, a play place for kids and adults alike, they had a ball. Aunt Sharon and Ambry came with us. I'm so glad Aunt Sharon can with, if I would have taken Ambry and my three by myself I would have gone crazy trying to keep track of them. For her birthday dinner we had steak that hubby did a wonderful job grilling in the cold January weather, and all the fixin's.

Then it was out to the pole barn to break the pinata open.

After that we had apple sauce cake and ice cream and rice dream. The cake was very tasty and its naturally egg free. Then she got the reminder of her gifts from us, chap stick, new markers, and a princess dress. She also got to go to build a bear the day before with my mom. She got a my little pony that walks around, blocks that make make a girlie fort and a paintable piggie bank from all her other adoring fans. The girl made out like a bandit. We are definitely going to have to scale back on the birthdays, this is crazy, but it's just so much fun.


Sharon said...

You can't scale back! Birthdays are so much fun and they are only once a year. They should be enjoyed and it is one day where they can be spoiled. Way too much fun to have to scale back! :)

Tracy said...

Gotta go all out for their b-day's I agree it's their day to be king or queen for the day. Did Lula get her card hope she liked it we'll have her gift for her on Sunday..sorry yesterday was crazy busy for me. I have to know what ever did you put in the pinata?

Esther said...

Yes she got the card she wanted to know why it did that. As for the pinata, a must have after Jim and Amy's, I put a sucker for each kid, whistles, harmonicas, stickers, cars, funny glasses for each, little dinasaurs and lot of boxes of raisins. At least on Dora hers held toys so they thought it was normal and great.

Tracy said...

Hey great idea at least they don't get all the sugar with the candy in the pinata then. I just have to say thank you and more thanks for the fried chicken recipe Ben loved it so I'll be making it again I'm so geeked that I have a fried chicken recipe he likes cuz I love fried chicken.