Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The New Year!

I've been busted! The kids and I were at the Doc's this morning and I got the monthly you need to workout speech even if its only ten minutes a day, but he also threw in you need to eat better and get more sleep. I swear the guy it psychic, if I didn't feel so funky I would swear he makes this stuff up. I can definitely tell that I ate way to much garbage this weekend and barely had any healthy stuff to kinda balance it out. The lack of sleep isn't helping much either. At least he has five kids and understands that life is busy, he also understands that in my pregnant state I would rather sleep that exercise. So I guess for the New Year we will try to exercise more and eat better. Have any health snack ideas that don't contain nuts, dairy or soy that still have some protein. I was thinking of whipping up a batch of muffin sized quiches to have in the freezer, but I don't have the stuff so they have to wait.
This year I also hope to come with some more or different foods for the kids to eat, they have got to be bored eating the same thing every four days. This will be on the back burner until we get the oldest two's food allergy test results back. We hope to get their blood drawn tomorrow and then its 3 to 4 week wait. We've never had Lula tested so hopefully she isn't too different that her brother. I guess that I'll be spending lots of time in the kitchen in this up coming year.
Well I'm off the finish my healthy grocery list and to hit the store. Have a good day.


Tracy said...

SOOOOO busted...hahahaha you eat the healthiest of anyone I know you go girl!! Yeah Doc is physic sometimes I think although I'm sure you ate healthier than me over the weekend. Since I consider spinach dip getting my veggies in for the day:) Yeah we were starting the healthier eating today well it's tomorrow now they have my favorite flavor of the day at Culver's today so I must get it tonight...hahaha..oh well one day late will be fine..I'm trying out that chicken this week for dinner I'll let you know how it comes out and what chicken loving hubby thoght of it..hahahaha.

Sharon said...

I have to agree with Tracy...you definitely eat the healthiest of anyone I know. Ambry and I started our "must eat healthier" new year resolution today. It was turkey and apple snacks and NO more cookies. I already feel better...not so full and bloated feeling, I guess. Here's to stickin' to it!