Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back to normal or maybe not

Today we stayed home. It was wonderful. We stayed home all day Monday but that seems like such a long time ago. We didn't get too much done today besides catching up on school and the minimal housework but it was still nice to be home back to normal after a few very busy days. The baby and my sinus thing flared back up today, the thing just keeps hanging on.
We got the results of Racky's food allergy test back but not Lula's yet. After hearing Racky's my curiosity is through the roof to know about her. Our life and food is about to drastically change again I am afraid to say. Three years of the same and now I have to change. I don't care for change much but I'm trying to be thankful for what we know and the fact that we can find these things out. After a good cry to the hubby after I got the results I felt much better, it could be so much worse. Well say a little prayer for us that Lula's results don't throw a bigger monkey wrench in things. I'll post the result once I have Lula's also.
The hardest part is now that he is older he understands what is happening and that when I told him no beef for at least six month he knows that that is a very long time. He got choked up and told me "but I like steak." The poor honey hopefully he'll eat venison or lamb. Well my mind is still racing so I'd better go.


Sarah said...

I popped over again from Tracy's blog. I am sorry you didn't get the results that you wanted. You and your family will be in my prayers. I hope that your "good cry" helped - sometimes we just need to do that.

By the way, your opinions made me smile :)

Sharon said...

Oh Esther, I am so sorry. Hopefully Lula's will come back and won't be too bad. We will definitely keep you in our prayers!

Tracy said...

Oh you poor dear we will most certainly be praying for you and little Racky poor baby. It is harder now that he understands I hope Lula's come back good or close to Racky so you don't have to do to much different from him.