Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To Do List!

I'm having a no school but all work day.
1. Wash living room, dining room, and kitchen valances.
2. Vacuum/dust wood blinds.
3. Rearrange living room and clean under everything.
4. Go to store and get something to feed kids tonight.
5. Mop floor through the whole upstairs except master bedroom.
6. Clean air purifiers.
7. Read chapter in Created to Be His Helpmeet, for meeting tonight.

Well I'm off to scrub and clean, what are you doing today?

1 comment:

Tracy said...

You crack me up are you nesting early? Ha Ha..I get times when I want to scour my house also it's a good feeling you get lots done at least. I went to bed last night thinking that today I'm scouring the boys room and cleaning everything out I still might but I've come down with that awful sinus thing going around...yuck so now I feel like crap and have zero motivation. However, I've got another mountain of laundry to do and then I figure I might as well do the boys room keep my mind off feeling yucky..right. So that's what I'm doing today have fun cleaning. Oh what chapter are we on is it the last one in the book?