Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are you "Crunchy"

What do you do that fits a "crunchy" lifestyle? The more I try to cut our budget without jeopardizing our food budget the more the answer seems to be a "crunchy" lifestyle. We already shop second hand for I would say 90% of our families clothing. I garage sale April till September then second hand store it in the winter. I buy in bulk from a buying club, you know 25 pounds of rice at a time. I make our own granola. The making of the bread is not going as well though. Paper products kill us every month, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, paper towels, tampons and stuff all add up. The hubby wants paper napkins or towels in the house, he is less than impressed when cloth napkins are the only thing left. I know that there are cloth diapers and I have them but I need to get some plastic pants that fit, otherwise I do way to much laundry and then I'm not saving and money. In the summer I try to hang the laundry outside but I have to dry the kiddos inside because of the allergy thing. Our air is ran constantly in the summer too because of the allergy thing, no point saving 30 bucks on our electric bill when they get sick and we end up at the Doc's forking over an extra 45 bucks because of it. So please give me 'crunchy' ideas.


Tracy said...

ok can't say I have any terrific "crunchy" ideas. I buy our toilet paper at Costco's Kirkland brand is the cheapest and best i've found it last a long time to. I think it's 14.00 for 36 double rolls and we like it. You could set a limit to three squares like Rachel had to do growing up...I'm kidding.:) Target has the cheapest tampons if you buy the target brand which I do. 1.99 a box compared to 3 something for brand name ones. I just started baking my own bread again to the first few loaves didn't rise real good now today it turned out great so we'll keep trying. Those are my "crunchy" ideas sorry I don't have more.

Sharon said...

I can't say as I have many other 'crunchy' ideas to add--I think you are one of the most frugal people I know. You could dry clothes inside also during the winter. They have drying racks at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for about $10.00-20% if you have the coupon(I have tons if you need some). For napkins, I can pick you up some super cheap at Discount Foods. Everyonce in a while they have them there for about $.10 a thing. As long as you don't mind funny sayings--mine say 'King of the Hill'. I can keep an eye out for you when I go there again if you would like. Otherwise, Rocks in My Dryer had an idea on there about using gingham napkins. I know Isaac said no cloth ones, but you and the kids could use those and then buy Isaac cheapies. The cloth diapers definitely help, but it does create lots of work in other ares--more laundry, hanging out, and folding. Maybe we should start a chicken farm for our own chickens. I think that is about all there is left to do to start saving $$. :)