Monday, January 29, 2007

New Cleaning Schedule

I read "A Mom Just Like You" by Vicki and Jayme Farris this weekend and loved her cleaning schedule that she uses, or has used. She has broken her house down into 5 zones and cleans 1 zone per weekday for an hour. Before children I would spend all day cleaning on my day off. I would start on the top floor and work my way down with laundry done all on this day too. I would actually prefer to still do it that way but with kids and homeschooling finding an 6 hour uninterrupted chunk of time to clean the house just isn't going to happen. Here is my first attempt at zones.
Monday Zone 1 master bed and bath bedding
Tuesday Zone 2 Kitchen and dining room and living room
Wednesday Zone 3 Kids Bed room and bedding
Thursday Zone 4 "Wood" floors
Friday Zone 5 Basement
I'll try this this week and see how it goes, some jobs I know will not take an hour (wood floors 45 mins) and some will take more (1 1/2 hours for the basement.) But this is the newest attempt to stay on top of things.

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Sharon said...

What a good idea about the zones. I should definitely try that. I loved your post about the kids comments. Hilarious. They really do say the funniest things!