Monday, January 8, 2007

Because I can!

I was wandering bloggersphere and found one gal who had a list of her opinions because she could, and I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head so here are my opinions, most very different form hers.
1. A parent should never put their child on a diet, especially girls. If you think your kids fat what are YOU feeding them? Change the way YOU feed them and go out and play with them to get them moving, they will learn soon enough from this cruel world that they are overweight it shouldn't be from their parents who feed them.
2. The good LORD gave us boobs to breast feed our kids.
3. "Me Time" is overrated and a sinful concept.
4. If you don't like how I raise my kids mind your own business.
5. You are not allowed to gripe about not having enough money when you spend $100 getting your hair done every 6 weeks or have cable or high speed Internet. (I too am guilt of this, not the hair though that's a waste in my book.)
6. If you kids are driving you nuts its most likely our own fault. They either need some attention or some good biblical disciple to their back side.
7. Animals belong outside.
8. Little girls should not be dressed like little harlots.
9. Little girls need baby dolls not Brats and Barbies.
10. Credit card debt usually shows somebody that can't delay pleasure.
11. A teenage girls on welfare should not be given an epidural, maybe it would help them remember.
12. The only thing people DESERVE is to be banished to hell, not raises and vacations and new clothes
13. Food coloring and additives should be banned.
14. There is something wrong with the health care system if 50% of kids, or more get put on drugs before the age of 1.
15. If you wouldn't let somebody touch it cover it up, because if they're looking at it they might as while touch it. (Speaking of clothes here)
16. People care way too much what others not the LORD think about them.
I could go on and on but I better stop. You didn't know I was so opinionated did ya.

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Sharon said...

Wow. I definitely had no idea you were so opinionated. I wonder what you are really thinking when I am talking to you then? :)