Thursday, January 4, 2007

My things have changed

I'm currently reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, if the library ever gets the last two in, and it just blows my mind the changes in the past 100-150 years. Sometimes I wish for the simpler times, no TV, no food coloring, fake processed foods, no extras. You know back in the day kids went out to play, not on play dates or gymnastics or pre-k, but OUTSIDE to play. Not that there is anything wrong with that stuff but its just one more thing to clutter up our lives. Women cooked (ALOT), cleaned and sewed. No running here and there all day they just stayed home with their family and did their work. This week has been crazy and I wish I could just stay home, and my kids aren't even in any out of the house activies. Maybe this is why we hear parents talk about sedating their kids with Tylenol of Benadryl, they need a break. I personally think these parents let the kids run their lives. Yes someday I'm sure my kids will be in some activities but not anytime soon. And can you image a time when your whole house could fit in the back of a wagon. When we moved it took to trips in a rental truck and I thought our house was kind of empty back then and it's not that big.
Don't get me wrong I love the advances on technology, the flushing toilet, the thermostat on the wall, the refrigerator that preserves food. I can't imagine my kids life without the wonders of science that have ability to test their blood for food allergies, they would most likely be very miserable. I don't want to go back in time but I definitely want to simplify. I think its time for a big purging of the drawers and closets, some sleep wouldn't hurt me any either.


Sharon said...

I feel the same way as you do about the advances of time. I wonder if stress levels would be the same as they are now. I would love to go a day without feeling like I have to go out somewhere or the days where a child could make it a whole day without asking to watch tv rather than picking up a book and reading. The tv was nearly put in the trash today, but I thought Caleb would miss watching his sports too much =)

Esther said...

I with ya on the TV thing it is such an easy babystitter its sad.

Tracy said...

My how they have funny you write about that it was on my mind a lot the last 24 hours you can read about it on my blog. I just sent you a funny email someone sent me about growing up in the 70's.