Thursday, December 28, 2006

Oh let me count the ways...

Why I love him sooooooooooooooo, in no specific order just as I think of them
1. He loves the LORD and teaches my children daily about him.
2. He doesn't react quickly to things, he is cool and calm.
3. He is wise enough to seek wise counsel and to listen to it.
4. He is wise with money, I am very thankful for his wise decisions.
5. He will admit quite quickly when he has been wrong, especially if its to the kids or me.
6. He is understanding of me and doesn't say anything about the house on those crazy days:)
7. He will go without something, like junk food, in order to stay healthier for the sake of the kids and my sanity.
8. He can correct me with a grin or smirk which is a little easier to take.
9. He balances me out.
10. He loves me no questions asked.
11. He works and studies very hard to provide for us.
12. He is not slothful.
13. He is smart enough to realize that children grow up quickly.
14. He is a sucker for the kids, they just melt his heart.
15. He trust me.
16. He always tries to see the "other" side before making a decision or opinion.
17. He is generous.
18. He'll bare the last five minute of a home show to I can see the end.
19. He loves me.
There is many, many more but those are a few. I am truly blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.

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Sharon said...

They are wonderful aren't they? We have been very blessed with such loving husbands.