Monday, December 4, 2006


Do you have a schedule you work by? I used to be so good about sticking to my schedule. I still do to some degree but not a good as a should be. Here is what is used to look like:
Monday- master bedroom and bath
Tuesday- kitchen and living room
Wednesday- Erands and kids bedding
Thursday- basement kids bedroom
Friday- day off
Lately I've been doing the basics, my small morning routine- empty dish washer, start laundry and everybody clothed and fed. master bedroom sheets on Monday, kids bedding wed. or thurs. Bath tub scrubbed when it "Needs" it. Laundry, which isn't usually a problem, I do daily about 16 loads per week putting it away is another story, when I can't balance anymore on top of the dryer. Vacuum when needed. I used to vacuum everyday. Then the mad scrabble when somebody comes over. What do you do to stay on top of things. I know keeping it clean is easier than cleaning it after its nasty. Ex. it will probably take me 20-30 mins to clean my tub, should take me 20 mins to clean the whole master bath. I'm blaming it on the pregnant thing and the fact that my kids are slobs, not my fault right.

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Tracy said...

Schedules what are they? haha I don't have one at all never really have maybe I should. My basement is generally a mess the kids are suppose to pick up all the toys every night it's usually every other or so..sad isn't it. I clean and dust when it looks like it needs it..ashamed to say..but we're never down there so I sort of forget about it. Everything else I clean at least once a week. The kitchen basically every day and my bathrooms 2-3 times a week. But my kids do some of the cleaning to so that helps. I finally got smart and taught them how to wash their own bedding last week we'll see if they remember this week. Well that's my "schedule".heehee..