Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not Much

Not much happening in our little world. The baby came down with a snotty nose this morning. Oh I wish blowing your nose was a natural reflex instead of wiping snot all over your face with the back on your now nasty hand. The weather here is awesome, its cold but no snow. That means no snowpants!!!!!!!!!!!! No striping layers off when they realize that they forgot to go pee, even though they were told twelve times to try. The kids do want the snow to come back, I suppose if I was sent outside in 31 degree weather to play I'd want snow too. But for now they can ride bikes and drive their car around.
I saw the midwife the other day. I love to go see the midwife, to hear the baby and talk to somebody that only wants to talk about the baby. I'm measuring right on which I have never have done before, I always have measured 2 cm behind the whole time with the last three, and gained 4lbs. in one month, oops. I hope that means the baby will be on time instead of 16 days late. We know the date of conception of if we go by that it should be early, yeah right. I also started to feel it move, I can't wait until the kiddos and hubby can feel it move too. Well that's about all in neck of the woods. Have a good day!!!!!!!

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Sharon said...

Isn't that the best feeling in the world when you feel them move? I think that has to be my favorite part of being preggo. I always thought, for some strange reason, the more I felt them move and kick all over the place, then they must have all their little body parts. Silly, I know:)