Thursday, December 7, 2006

It's official

I took the next step and busted out the good ole maternity clothes this morning, I'm only 15 weeks. I was oh so hoping to wait until the new year but I suppose this is baby number four. I just couldn't take the frumpy fat look. Wearing my two pair of in between pants, warm up pants and Ikey's big ole shirts was getting old. Now at least I look like I have a reason for the pudge. I now remember how much I hate maternity pants the pulling and tugging a day is enough to drive you nuts. I love the big belly so does the hubby, so here's to the ever growing belly.


Sharon said...

I love the big belly too...I feel like I have a good excuse for eating more :) Gotta agree with you on the pulling up the pants thing though, although I try to only buy those under the belly pants so I can try to avoid some of it. Oh well, at least you get one of the most beautiful gifts at the end of all the pants pulling.

Tracy said...

I can't say as that I love the big part of the belly but I do love feeling the baby kick and move around it's such a miracle. Once I get my preggo clothes back from Dawn I'll send them your way it's always nice to have a bunch. Amazing how fast you pop isn't it:)