Thursday, December 21, 2006

Please feed the animals!!!!!!!

Please tell me if you think this is alot of food for small family. First some info- me and the hubby both weigh less than 150lbs, nuff said, Racky age 5 is roughly 50lbs., Lula age 3 is 44lbs., and Biggie 2years old is 35lbs. They are not fat or rolie polie in and form or fashion, all three are very tall for their age. Okay on to my question, last night for dinner we had fried chicken, the kids each had a slice of rice bread, Racky had two, they all had cooked carrots about 1/2 a cup and canned pears. Hubby, Biggie and myself had some stuffing. We polished off 12 pieces of chicken and they still wanted more. Hubby had two and I had two and a half. The kids ate 1 1/2 thighs and 6 drumsticks. Almost 8 pieces of chicken gone in no time. How much are they going to eat when they're ten and then when they're 16???? They hubby doesn't think that 12 pieces for a family of two adult and 3 small children is much I think it's crazy what do you think?


Sharon said...

I still think for as healthy as you guys eat, they are just bound to eat that chicken up. At least they are eating really good food and not some crap. (For example, I forgot to put away the candy last night and I wake up this morning to Ambry sitting underneath the bar top stuffing her mouth full of peanut butter balls. Lovely.) So I think that even though it sounds like a lot, at least it is very healthy and good for them. Plus, don't drumsticks have just a little meat on them especially when compared to a breast?

Tracy said...

Ha ha that is quite a bit of chicken for the kids but carrots and pears don't fill you up much so they had lots of room for chicken. I'll say it again I don't know what I'd do with a kid that didn't eat my 6 and 10 year old out eat me a lot days and that's hard..hahahahaha.. Scary what they'll be like as teenagers huh. Lucas ate 3 full bowls of vegetable soup I made for lunch today..ugh..I'd have a belly ache he was outside playing basketball right after.