Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Few cute Pics

Here is a few pics of my darling children. Lula with her kitty cat look.

And here is our polar bear club members in all their glory. They love to go hot tubbing with daddy and daddy loves it too.


Sharon said...

Love the pics! It makes me miss our hot tub :( I am so glad your kids can eat those suckers! I can't even imagine if Ambry was never allowed to eat a sucker...she gets one every time we go to the bank. Thank you for the cookies..they are great! Ambry just wanted the box they came in :)

Sarah said...

Hi Esther. What cute pictures. I got a link to your blog from Tracy's blog. Thought I would post and say Hi, although, I already said hi this morning at the bowling alley. It was nice to see you again.