Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Whatever you do..

Whatever you do today do not, I repeat do not go to Target. Mad crazy chaos. The return lane was crazy, there is no way I would have waited in that thing. The amount of people shopping even crazier. Clearance stuff and storage containers. Every other cart had an over sized storage container balanced on top if it, they must need someplace to store all the clearance crap. I knew it would be bad but I didn't think that bad.
I had to get some diapers for tomorrow, I have to work and cloth diapers void the babysitters contract. Just kidding about the contract thing, but I try to make the babysitters life as easy as possible, you know food prepared and kids bathed and dressed. After all they are babysitters not maids, cooks and laundry help.


Tracy said...

Ha gotta love Target the day after Christmas...oh man..oh man..wish I had read your post first already went to Target I think I walked a mile to get into the door. I realized I needed some cleaning supplies that I generally have to buy only once a year to bad today was that day huh. oh well got lots of cleaning done got a bunch of carpets cleaned as well with our nifty carpet cleaner. Now on to the mountain of laundry and I mean mountain..yikes..I think we'll all go naked tomorrow so I stay up on laundry for at least one day..ok kidding..wouldn't it be nice though:) Well I'm off to the Y see ya.

Sharon said...

I hit up Michael's today to try to take advantage of the 50% off coupon...not a good idea. Best Buy's parking lot was overloaded and it probably took us five minutes just to turn into the entrance. Ridiculous!!!