Monday, January 24, 2011

My life feels like it revolves around food....

Saturday shopping!!

Big Lots $33 after the printable 20% off coupon. They are a great place to get organic convenience foods. Yes I know they're aren't healthy but at least they are organic junk.

Highlights; Bathmat $3 for my new bathroom floor- pictures soon

Quarts of tomatoes 80 cents!!

Crackers $1.19 a box

Granola bars $1.60 a box-they have no nuts!! This is the first granola bar my kids have had! The bread outlet in Cutlerville. $7.42 Sorry the donut were only 49 cent so I caved and bought them, again a few of the kids had never had a donut. They made one little girl very crabby!!!! You are what you eat.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Still can not believe your bread store finds! Awesome!

ps. LOVE your bathroom floor and can't wait to see pics of it with your rug. :)