Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Modesty- please go read!

I’m growing more and more aware of this issue as my sons get older. How dare women and teens make my job as a parent and my son’s growing up challenges more difficult than they already are? I’m working hard to show my sons what true femininity and godly womanhood are. Please don’t cause my sons to struggle. We’re trying to prepare them to be true to each of their wives some day.

After reading this book it is even more important to me. Men are visual, it is not their fault, that is how GOD made them. Yes they have to turn the eye and fight the good fight, but it is kind of hard to do when you are talking to them. And according to this book they have a mental Rolodex of images in there. I don't want to be in anyone's Rolodex unless of course I'm sleeping with him:-)

Here's a verse for you, totally out of context? maybe but it sure does fit.

For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. Just replace the him with a her. If you got it COVER IT UP!!!

I don't want a picture of you and your stuff lodged in my guys heads. Raising God-fearing children is hard enough with out all the immodesty in this world.

Would you be embarrassed to have your pastor see you dressed like that. What about your grandpa. What if the Lord came back right now, or are we just hoping he doesn't come back when we're playing at the beach or pool.

Yes look nice and girly. And yes I know I need to improve in this area too but it can be done.


Isaac said...

Good post baby, but so are your other ones as well. You won't get many sponsors with your blogs to help by food but who cares, at least you are not selling out ( -:
Keep up the good writing I enjoy it and am very blessed.


Sharon said...

Excellent post! Thanks for putting this info out!