Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coupons and me

Here is a picture of a Target shopping trip right before our vacay to Kalahari. If I remember correctly it cost $20. Wipes, swim diapers, paper plates and paper towels were all full price, they were needed for the vacation. That means that everything else was pretty much free.

Target had $1 off suave products so the tall bottles of shampoo were money makers because they were only 82 cents. The kid shampoo was like 87 cents after the coupon but that difference was covered by the extra 18 cents of the big bottles.

Target also had 75 off any up feminine product making the panty liners 14 cents so for the price of one 1 got 8. That's enough to last for about the next three years if not longer!!:-)

Naturally I would love to buy all natural organic products but the budget does not allow for that. So thing that get rinsed off are run of the mill shampoos and soaps. We do not use lotion or anything else like shaving cream and such. They are just more chemicals for your body to process- gag!

Things that I try to make sure are natural are sunscreen and bug spray. The hubby had a cousin that stuttered for a long time after her father sprayed her and her siblings down with Deep Woods Off. Wait what about The West Nile Virus? That is about the 198, 563rd thing on my list of things to worry about, really not worried about that AT. ALL.

But Esther Suave makes my hair all funky looking.

One little squirt to swish the toilet. Kid friendly!
A bigger squirt with a sprinkle of baking soda to scrub the tub. Kid friendly!
Diluted a touch to fill the hand soap pumps. Kid friendly!
A squirt with a splash of vinegar in a bucket of water to wash the floors. Kid friendly!!
Have the boys use it for their hair.

Soap is Soap!!!

The only "real" house cleaner I buy is Method window cleaner and that is just because that stuff is awesome.

So that is just a few thoughts about coupons. Make coupons work for you!!!

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Sharon said...

Wowza! I totally missed out on those deals. I wouldn't have minded getting some of that Suave kids stuff. :) Good job! We have been sticking to some organic shampoo and conditioner I found on clearance at CVS. Normally 7.00 a bottle! Hopefully better for you than the regular stuff?

Anyway, good luck on the diet! Will be thinking of you!!