Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm weak!! I ate fruit today and it was wonderful.

This morning after being in bed for about 9+ hours I felt really shaky. Not a fun feeling. So I caved and devoured a banana. DELICIOUS!

Well the whole reason for doing this diet is to help sweet Benna who is starting to have all the same signs and symptoms of Racky when he was a baby. So not cool. I taped egg and milk to her back a few weeks ago and with in 3 minutes she had hives from the eggs and the milk left a red spot so I know those are no no's.

But this diet was effecting my milk supply. I've never made it to a year nursing any of my kids and am really hoping to nurse her as long as possible. She'll be 1 in a few weeks?!?! So what good is sticking to a diet when I end up having to supplement her and my milk supply drops.

So with a little ever so slight nudge from the hubby I'm back to eating fruit. I hope to remain grain and refined sugar free.

So here is what I ate today.


Breakfast- asparagus and canned venison

Lunch- Chicken and a few carrots

Snack- Apple on the way home from the orchard

Dinner- Venison, onion and mushroom burgers with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and sugar free ketchup. And another apple!

Snack- a handful of raisins- wowsers those things are sweet.

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