Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's shopping trip

Just shy of $21.

My receipt says that I saved 38 dollars??? The cans of MSG, I mean cream of mushroom, are for my mom, she uses them so she might as well get them while they're cheap- 9 cents a can. Canning lids are 49 cents a box after coupon- must hunt down more coupons. Taco seasonings were 14 cents a package- they will be donated. The Franks hot sauce stuff was 15 cents, it is the hubby's new favorite, well that and mustard!

I also had a Meijer $2.50 off any dairy coupon so I bought more butter, well you know we have a thing for butter around here. That sweet darling in the picture eats it with a spoon straight from the dish.

Things I didn't buy but wanted to: garbage bags and mint flavored toothpaste. Whoever came up with berry and orange toothpaste has some serious issues but I will use them up before we get more. As for garbage bags were using paper bags and just dealing with the mess that they make.

Well better scoot off to the kitchen and get food in order for the next few days so we can make lots and lots of applesauce.


Sharon said...

Wowza! Where did you find coupons for canning lids?? I am going to need some more of those for apple season. :)

Esther said...

Redplum but I think the print limit has been reached:(