Friday, October 8, 2010

Homeschooling Ramble

Am I doing enough? Are they learning what other kids their age are learning? Am I hurting or hindering their future? Will they be prepared for "real" life?

Homeschooling is scary and daunting. Easily overwhelming most days. It is also a great mirror for all my shortcomings.

What have I taught my kids? To count, to read, to multiply? Have I taught them to be patience with one another? Have I taught them contentment? How about doing everything to the glory of God. Have I taught them to love wisdom? Do they see God's mighty hand a work all around us? Have I shown them Christ's love. If they could not hear me and could only see my actions what would they be learning?

What am I not learning from them?

Yes they need to know their "school" but somethings are more important....

What will I teach them today?

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