Sunday, October 24, 2010

Health Store Trip

Here is our Friday midday run to the health store. The bread is delivered fresh around noon so we show pretty close to that. $34. Yes that's more yogurt. That will make 13 quarts for the month! They were out of eggs;-( So the hubby made a few stops for five dozen eggs. Yes that's right FIVE DOZEN. The shear amount of food we devour amazes me.

We also were gifted a deer which we had to pay to have process so $45 for that.

Maybe it because you're watching me but I can't seem to stop spending money. Really the money is flying out like crazy.

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Sharon said...

It is amazing how fast it all goes, isn't it? We are starting this week SUnday and keeping track and I can guarantee we won't be as good as you. :)