Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is NOT Looking Good

So I spent even more money yesterday. 21 bucks more!!! Yesterday was the second of October!!!!!

We, my mom and us, keep getting 10 bucks off anything at Kohl's so we had to go spend those. First 10 off we got Lula 2 pairs of tights and Lettie and pair of sandals for next year- .94 cents- sweet.

Then Racky's turn, lounge pants. Well he happens to be tall and REALLY skinny so the only ones that fit were $17.50 before our gift card, who on earth would spend 17.50 on a pair of pj pants for a kid?? So just under 8 dollars for those- ouch.

Lastly I hit up Family Fare again for more yogurt and some ice cream for the hubby. $12. The ice cream cost more than all the yogurts.

I did turn so of that yogurt into some waffles that the kids love this morning. I must make some more for the freezer. This isn't going so well. I haven't even been to Costco yet.....

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